Sevde'nin Günlüğü

Yazmayı seviyorum…

I’m a woman


I have a beautiful soul
And worthy things to say
Lips without gloss
Eyes without shadows
I’m a woman,
and beautiful.

Sweatpants wrapping my legs
Standing in thick, black boots
I have pink-lipped dreams
And thoughts in high-heels
I’m a woman,
and beautiful.

Not a triangle
Nor a hexagon
I’m shapeless
and dimensionless
Ain’t got a 36
or a 24
I’m sizeless
and inch-less
I’m a woman,
and beautiful.

Weigh my thoughts,
Not my body;
Color my dreams,
Not my skin;
Judge my views,
Not my shape;
And always remember:
I’m a woman,
and beautiful.

Sevde Kaldiroglu

(Şiirin Türkçesi için buraya tıklayınız.// Click here for the Turkish version of the poem.)